CanadaGAP Food Safety Manuals updated for 2015

Published on: 2015-01-28 12:49:15 PM

CanadaGAP Stakeholders:

Updated versions of the CanadaGAP Food Safety Manuals have now been released.
        1) Fruit and Vegetable Manual, Version 6.3
        2) Greenhouse Manual, Version 6.3

For certification purposes, the new manuals take effect on April 1, 2015. A corresponding update to the CanadaGAP audit checklist will be issued prior to that effective date.

To facilitate the transition to the updated manuals, the following resources can be found at:

  • The updated manuals are available as a free download
  • A document outlining the main changes to the manuals is available
  • Revisions documents tracking the changes from previous versions of the manuals are available
  • A document summarizing commodity-specific differences is also available
  • A chart outlining which sections of the manual are applicable to different types of operations (i.e., production, packing, storing, repacking, wholesaling, brokerage)

Scope Changes

The CanadaGAP manuals can now be used by fresh produce brokerage firms, operations involved in production, packing and storage of greenhouse strawberries, and those who are repacking and wholesaling mushrooms.

Main Changes

A major change for 2015 is in Section 19.1 and relates to the sourcing of product. Operations must now be sourcing their product from suppliers who are also certified to CanadaGAP or to another industry-recognized third party food safety audit/certification.

Otherwise the majority of revisions to the manuals are editorial in nature, to clarify or further explain existing requirements. 

CanadaGAP maintains seven separate generic HACCP models, which are available upon request. This approach ensures that any issues or scientific developments affecting only certain crop groupings, commodities or processes will continue to be addressed with the appropriate technical rigour.

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