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General Manual Requirements


Greenhouse-specific Requirements


Forms and Record-keeping

Section 1

Commodity Starter Products

Section 2


Section 3

Commercial Fertilizers, Pulp Sludge and Soil Amendments

Section 4

Manure, Compost/Compost Tea and Other By-Products

Section 5

Mulch and Row Cover Materials

Section 6

Agricultural Chemicals

Section 7

Agricultural Water

Section 8


Section 9

Cleaning and Maintenance Materials

Section 10

Waste Management

Section 11

Personal Hygiene Facilities

Section 12

Employee Training

Section 13

Visitor Policy

Section 14

Pest Program for Buildings

Section 15 & 16

Water (for Fluming and Cleaning) and Ice

Section 17

Packaging Materials

Section 18

Growing and Harvesting

Section 19

Sorting, Grading, Packing, Repacking, Storing and Brokerage

Section 20

Storage of Product

Section 21


Section 22

Identification and Traceability

Section 23

Deviations and Crisis Management

Section 24

HACCP Plan and Food Safety Program Maintenance and Review