NSF International Training and Education is offering a CanadaGAP Auditor Training course in Lexington, Kentucky this November. Register now and take advantage of the early bird rate!

What does this course offer?

  • Intensive review of CanadaGAP manual requirements
  • Practical examples specific to commodity or region, optional HACCP and repacking and wholesaling components
  • Days 1-4: Classroom training
  • Day 5:  Pre-exam review and exams (CanadaGAP Auditor Exam, HACCP Exam (optional), and Repacking and Wholesaling Exam (optional))

Who should take this course?

  • Those conducting internal audits in preparation for CanadaGAP certification – please note: the CanadaGAP auditor training course will be mandatory for CanadaGAP-certified group internal auditors effective April 1, 2020 – don’t miss this opportunity for training!
  • Those interested in becoming CanadaGAP auditors
  • Those responsible for the food safety program within your company
  • Program participants who want to further their understanding of CanadaGAP requirements
  • Consultants, buyers or other stakeholders

What are the pre-qualifying requirements?

How much does it cost?

  • Early Bird Rate (by October 25): US $1,600 + tax
  • Regular Rate: US $1,850 + tax

What’s in it for me?

  • Understand how to use the CanadaGAP manuals and their requirements
  • Identify how to use the CanadaGAP audit checklist
  • Describe the hazards associated with fresh produce
  • Recognize the basic responsibilities of being an auditor and review basic auditing skills
  • Understand the basics of HACCP
  • Discuss principles of risk assessment and how they apply to Canadian audits
  • Explain various pieces of legislation that affect Canadian operations
  • Understand how to read and interpret different kinds of records and documents

How do I register?

Visit the NSF International website.

Need more information?

Annette Crewson, Registrar
Training Services, NSF International
Tel: 519-821-1246 ext. 6407