Production Site and Surrounding Assessment

An operation allows their family dog to run through the production site. Is this acceptable? If not, is it an autofail?2017-11-03T16:25:49-04:00

Section 2.1 (Production Site and Surroundings Assessment) requires the operation to assess the site(s) for “unusually high levels of animal and bird activity (e.g., migratory paths, nesting or feeding areas, presence of animal feces, large areas of animal tracks or burrowing, etc.)”. Having one domestic pet in the production site would NOT be considered an unusually high level of animal activity. Having several dogs would. It is not an autofail to have a dog in the production site. In the audit checklist in Section C, Premises, the operation will be assessed for potential hazards from adjacent areas and animal/bird activity. If an auditor were to notice the dog defecating in the field they may take off a point or two. If the person responsible cleaned it up and took care of the problem then the risk has been mitigated. There is also an autofail listed at the beginning of the audit checklist that states: “An immediate food safety risk is present (e.g. livestock/poultry slaughter activities) when product is produced, handled, packed, repacked, stored or held under conditions that promote or cause the product to become contaminated”. This would only be used if the auditor noticed that the person responsible didn’t clean up the feces and employees were harvesting the contaminated product.

Note: Dog feces is not as likely to harbour pathogens that have been found to be present in other animal species (e.g., cows, pigs, sheep, etc.).

November 3rd, 2017 at 04:25 pm
Can an operation use production sites that have had sewage sludge applied in previous years OR use sewage sludge during the season?2017-11-03T16:25:49-04:00

No. Sewage sludge either used in previous years on production sites or used during production is NOT acceptable. An operation that uses production sites where sewage sludge has been applied in previous years will lose points in Section C Question #2 of the audit checklist. Operations that apply sewage sludge during the season will autofail in Section E Question #1 of the audit checklist.

November 3rd, 2017 at 04:25 pm

Building Assessment, Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair and Inspection

Walls in a packing shed, which were less than a foot from the packing line, were partially covered with black plastic held in place with strips of wood lath. Is this acceptable? The plastic is sanitized on a regular basis.2017-11-03T16:25:48-04:00

Section 2.3 (Building Interior Assessment, Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair and Inspection) pertains to the interior of the packinghouse. The requirement is that walls, floors and ceilings are without crevices, along with Form G, which requires no holes/crevices/leaks in the building (e.g., walls, windows, screens), and floors, walls and ceilings that are clean and free from garbage, spills, rodent droppings, etc. There are no specific requirements for what materials are on the walls. Therefore, the plastic/wood scenario is acceptable as long as it is possible to clean it.

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