About Perry Johnson Registrars Food Safety, Inc. “PJRFSI”

PJRFSI is no longer offering CanadaGAP audits (since March 12, 2023). PJRFSI certificates with an expiry date after March 12, 2023, are unaccredited and therefore are not recognized by GFSI. Existing clients of PJRFSI may direct any questions related to PJRFSI’s delivery of the CanadaGAP program to:

Phone: 1 248 519 2523
Toll free: 1 855 757 7374
Email inquiries to: customerservice@pjrfsi.com

Their website is https://www.pjrfsi.com/.

Please see the CanadaGAP communique for more details.

Certificates and Certified Companies

Visit the online registry of PJRFSI certified companies at https://www.pjrfsi.com/programs/canadagap-certificates

Complaints, Appeals and Disputes

PJRFSI has official procedures to resolve complaints, appeals and disputes if you do not agree with the audit findings, if you wish to file a complaint concerning the audit or if you experienced other problems with the PJRFSI’s services. Procedures for Disputes/Appeals is available for download on their website at https://www.pjrfsi.com/document-download/ and complaints can be filed through the Lodge a Complaint portal at https://www.pjrfsi.com/contact/lodge-complaint/.  In any such event, please communicate with the PJRFSI office.

Please note that all correspondence is handled in strict confidentiality and that complaints are treated separately from certification decisions.

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