About MSVS

Management Systems Verification Services Canada Inc. (MSVS) is a Certification Body licensed by the CanadaGAP program to provide certification services in Canada, with services beginning in English-speaking areas with plans to expand to French-speaking areas in the near future. MSVS has been approved by Costco Canada and Costco US to verify program participants against the Costco addendum in conjunction with CanadaGAP audits.

MSVS services include scheduling and conducting audits, recruiting and training auditors, assigning auditors to audits and monitoring their performance, reviewing audit findings and corrective actions, issuing the certificate of conformity, billing for the audit services, etc.

Visit www.msvs.ca

Please communicate directly with MSVS if you have any questions about their services:

Isabel Varey
CanadaGAP Technical Manager
Tel: 1 (778) 683 5044
Email: ivarey@msvs.ca

Interested in Becoming an Auditor?

Are you interested in working for the Certification Body as a CanadaGAP auditor? Each Certification Body does its own training and recruitment for auditors. For more information on opportunities to train and work as a CanadaGAP auditor, please contact the person above.

Audit Fees

Once you select MSVS as your audit service provider, MSVS will provide you with a service contract. They will bill you after the audit for the audit fees and the auditor’s travel expenses. Please contact them directly for more information about the cost of the audit and certification fees. Also, if you have any questions about MSVS’s billing procedures, please contact the person above.

Audit Reports

MSVS will send you your audit report directly and not through the auditor. Turnaround of the audit report is completed within 30 business days of the audit. You should not expect your report and final score sooner than that. If it takes longer than 30 business days to receive your audit report, please contact MSVS directly (info@msvs.ca).


MSVS will send you your certificate once you have passed the audit. Please contact them if you receive an incorrect certificate, have not yet received your certificate, need a hard copy, etc at info@msvs.ca

Complaints, Appeals and Disputes

MSVS has official procedures to resolve complaints, appeals and disputes if you do not agree with the audit findings, if you wish to file a complaint concerning the audit or if you experienced other problems with their services. In any such event, please communicate with:

Isabel Varey
CanadaGAP Technical Manager
Tel: 1 (778) 683 5044
Email: ivarey@msvs.ca

Please note that all correspondence is handled in strict confidentiality and that complaints are treated separately from certification decisions.

Certified Companies

MSVS maintains a public registry of certificate holders on its website at www.msvs.ca/certification/canadagap/publicregistry, and click on ‘Directory of CanadaGAP certified operations‘.

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