General CanadaGAP Questions

CanadaGAP Certification
Scope of the program
Certification Options
CanadaGAP Policies
Audit Process (including scheduling)
Corrective Actions and Failed Audits
Audit Checklist
GFSI Benchmarking and Government Recognition
How do the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations fit with CanadaGAP?

Questions about CanadaGAP Manuals and Forms

General Manual Requirements
Section 1
Section 2
Section 4
Section 6
Section 8
Section 10
Section 12
Section 14
Section 17
Section 19
Section 21
Section 23
Greenhouse specific requirements
Forms and Record Keeping
Section 3
Section 5
Section 7
Section 9
Section 11
Section 13
Sections 15 & 16
Section 18
Section 20
Section 22
Section 24

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