If you fail the audit, you will usually be able to achieve certification through the corrective actions process.

For Options B, C, and D (for Repacking and Wholesaling) – effective April 1, 2021:

  • To be certified, program participants must comply 100% with CanadaGAP requirements.
  • To reach 100% compliance, items that score less than full points on the checklist must be addressed after the audit through the corrective actions process.
  • The auditor/certification body must approve corrective actions before the program participant can be certified.
  • Where it is impossible to take corrective action during the current year, the program participant must submit a corrective actions plan to the auditor/certification body, for approval.
  • The corrective actions plan will be verified at the next audit. The company can be certified in the meantime if the corrective actions plan is acceptable to the certification body.
  • The program participant will pay the certification body for the time required to review and approve corrective actions or a corrective actions plan.
  • The timeframe to close out CARs remains 60 days from the date the audit report is issued. Requests for a longer close-out period can be considered by the certification body on a case-by-case basis.

For Options A1, A2, and Brokerage operations under Option D:

  • A score of 85% with no autofailure items is required to pass the CanadaGAP audit
  • Those with autofailure items on the audit must correct them before being certified
  • To be certified, those scoring below 85% on the audit checklist must implement corrective actions sufficient to obtain a passing score of 85%

The Corrective Action Request (CAR) form is available below or may have been provided by your Certification Body. Follow the instructions carefully and submit to your auditor or Certification Body. The technical procedure document detailing the corrective actions follow-up procedure is also available below.

For complete details on CARs, please refer to the CanadaGAP Program Management Manual.

Version 9.0

Corrective Action Report (9.0)
Procedure: Corrective Actions Follow-up (9.0)

April 21st, 2021 at 01:16 pm