This list of CanadaGAP-certified companies consolidates the certificate information available from each of the CanadaGAP certification bodies. Certified companies are listed alphabetically by operating name. Each entry on the list includes the company’s location (city and province), certificate issue and expiry dates, scope, certification option, certification body, and whether the certified company operates as a multi-site. The list will be updated on a monthly basis.

List of CanadaGAP-certified companies
List of bilingual commodity names

Please note that the information available in the CanadaGAP list is as only as accurate as the information provided to CanadaGAP by the certification bodies. The certification bodies remain the definitive source to confirm a company’s current certification status.

Links to the public registries of the certification bodies are provided on the following websites:

Control Union maintains a public registry of certificate holders on its website at: Please scroll to the find CanadaGAP on the page.

Visit, click on ‘CanadaGAP’ and download the PDF where indicated for a current listing of companies that have been CanadaGAP-certified by NSF Canada Ag.

TSLC maintains a public registry of certificate holders on its website. The list can be downloaded by scrolling down on their page to the section “CanadaGAP Certified Companies by TSLC Canada” and selecting “Click for more info”.

Please direct any questions to the CanadaGAP office at

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