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Auditor Training

CanadaGAP® auditors are trained by an approved trainer in courses offered by a training provider approved by CanadaGAP. The training materials have been developed by CanadaGAP and are designed to train potential auditors specifically to understand the CanadaGAP Program requirements.

The course content includes an intensive review of the CanadaGAP manual requirements, with the incorporation of practical examples specific to commodity or region. Click here for a copy of the general course outline.

Before becoming a CanadaGAP auditor, participants must:

  • meet the pre-requisites (all courses and exams must be completed before participants can become fully qualified CanadaGAP auditors)
  • ensure they review and meet the auditor qualifications and requirements
  • familiarize themselves with a CanadaGAP manual in advance of the training
  • successfully complete a CanadaGAP-specific pre-course assignment (obtain at least 80%)
  • successfully complete the CanadaGAP Auditor Training Course
  • provide a copy of their résumé and credentials to the Certification Body (contact the Certification Body you are interested in working with, for more details on their requirements and process for qualifying auditors)
  • undergo shadow and witness audits by the Certification Body and receive final approval by the CB and CanadaGAP. Note that witness audits cannot be completed until CanadaGAP has approved all other auditor credentials

Questions? Contact your selected Certification Body or email See the list of CanadaGAP Certification Bodies.

Note: Taking the CanadaGAP Auditor Training Course does not guarantee employment as an auditor with a Certification Body. All CanadaGAP audits must be carried out by accredited Certification Bodies who may use either permanent staff or sub- contracted auditors. The CanadaGAP Auditor Training Course provides knowledge of auditing skills and of the standard required to become an auditor. Before employing an auditor, Certification Bodies will have to be satisfied that the auditor has the educational and experience requirements and will need to conduct the necessary practical assessment of auditing performance before audits can be carried out. As with any employment opportunity, the potential employer (Certification Body) is responsible for evaluating each candidate’s suitability for the job.

Please be aware that CanadaGAP refresher testing is required, typically every 2-3 years, to keep your auditor training current. Participation in refresher training or calibration sessions offered by CanadaGAP or by the CB is mandatory.

Upcoming Auditor Training Courses

If information is available about upcoming auditor training courses, it is listed below. Please contact approved training providers directly for further details.

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