The CanadaGAP® Program is owned and operated by a Canadian not-for-profit corporation, CanAgPlus. Incorporation occurred in 2012.

CanadaGAP directors and staff maintain management control and oversight of licensed Certification Bodies to ensure services are delivered in a consistent and credible manner across the country. The CanadaGAP Program management system is based on international management system standards and meets Canadian Government Food Safety Program Recognition requirements and GFSI benchmarking.

The CanadaGAP-specific auditor training course was developed and is maintained on an ongoing basis by CanadaGAP. CanadaGAP also maintains updates to the technical standards, including the food safety manuals, Audit Checklist, Auditor Requirements and Qualifications, etc.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors overseeing the CanadaGAP Program consists of representatives approved by the Canadian Horticultural Council, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association, and members at large. The Board is elected by members.

Program Objectives

The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the delivery of a food safety program for fresh fruits and vegetables that is:

  • Realistic, cost effective, voluntary and market driven
  • Based on industry input and needs
  • Technically sound and credible
  • Created through a transparent process
  • Founded on the published, peer-reviewed science
  • Consistent between regions and commodities
  • Buyer recognized

CanadaGAP Stakeholder Advisory Committee

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee, previously known as the Technical Working Group, contributes to the maintenance of CanadaGAP technical standards. Members are appointed by the Board of Directors. Membership is drawn from technical expert members of commodity-specific Working Groups and Task Groups who contributed to developing CanadaGAP, and other program users and stakeholders from within industry. The group seeks to offer food safety and commodity-specific expertise, reflecting their knowledge of various types of crops and activities across Canada.

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee’s role is to:

  • Review updates to the CanadaGAP Audit Checklist
  • Review proposed revisions and updates to the CanadaGAP manuals and HACCP models, as required
  • Review other technical matters related to the CanadaGAP program (e.g., self-assessment checklist and declaration of conformity, auditor training materials, etc.)

For more information about the Stakeholder Advisory Committee, contact This is a volunteer group that meets annually and holds teleconferences as needed.