Certification to the CanadaGAP® Program offers the following benefits for companies whose customers are requiring them to be certified to a recognized food safety standard:

  • Consistency of Audits: The audit is based specifically on the requirements of the CanadaGAP manuals. There are no surprises or additional requirements. Auditors have to pass the CanadaGAP-specific training before they do on-site audits, ensuring they all start on the same footing and understand the realities of production, packing, repacking, storage, wholesale and brokerage operations.
  • Oversight of Auditor Performance: The auditors are monitored and overseen by the Certification Body, that also reviews all audit results and ensures the integrity of the assessments. Any complaints or disputes related to the audits will be handled by the Certification Body. Ongoing, regular review of auditor performance is required.
  • Choice: Several different certification options are available, to suit different situations and buyer demands.
  • Access to International Markets: CanadaGAP certification options B, C and D have been benchmarked to, and officially recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). CanadaGAP-certified companies have the benefit of using a made-in-Canada program to meet the food safety requirements of the international marketplace.
  • A ‘Model System’: The CanadaGAP Program has achieved full Canadian Government Recognition, and is a ‘model system’ for those implementing federal regulatory requirements.

Benefits to Customers

  • GFSI-recognized (certification options B, C, D)
  • Program has full Canadian Government Recognition
  • Consistency of audit results
  • Objective, third party certification of suppliers
  • Internationally accredited Certification Bodies
  • Certification Bodies are arm’s length to both the scheme owner (CanadaGAP) and the customer
  • Auditors trained specifically on requirements of the CanadaGAP Program
  • Trained professionals responsible for assessing supplier conformance to technical requirements
  • Ongoing oversight of Certification Body and auditor performance by CanadaGAP and international accreditation bodies
  • Complaint and dispute management mechanisms

March 29th, 2023 at 09:27 am