Option E certification includes an Annual Audit on-site for individual suppliers operating Production, Packing or Storage businesses.

Annual on-site audits may be replaced by unannounced audits.

Option E is not GFSI-recognized. However, it requires that certified companies:

  • Meet the same food safety requirements as Option C (GFSI-recognized), based on CanadaGAP Food Safety Manuals
  • Pass the CanadaGAP audit with a score of 95% with no autofails.

Cost Implications

An annual audit is required. Costs will vary somewhat depending on the scope, size and location of your operation and the duration of your audit. Option E involves three cost components:

Paid by the program participant to CanadaGAP. The fee covers CanadaGAP’s costs to administer the program, process enrolment applications, maintain the technical standards and training materials, oversee Certification Bodies, maintain government recognition status, collect and analyse data, monitor developments in food safety science and media, offer technical support to the CBs, communicate to program participants, program marketing/education, office overhead, staff and related expenses.

Paid directly by the program participant to the Certification Body. Covers the CB’s cost to deliver audit and certification services including auditor’s time to perform audits, auditor travel time and expenses, technical review of audit reports, follow-up on corrective actions and corrective action plans, issuing certificates, administration and office overhead, billing functions, etc.

Costs vary depending on location of the operation, closest available auditor, and proximity to other audit sites. Every effort will be made to schedule audits in such a way to minimize auditor travel expenses.

Is Option E recognized by GFSI?

No, Option E is not GFSI-recognized. If your customer(s) requires a GFSI-recognized certificate, and you are an individual operation involved in production, packing or storage, CanadaGAP Option C certification will meet your customer requirements.

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March 29th, 2023 at 10:10 am