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Can an operation irrigate with production wastewater?2017-11-03T16:25:45-04:00

In some areas where there is not a lot of water for irrigation, reusing production wastewater as agricultural water is considered an option. The CanadaGAP manual does not say that production wastewater cannot be used. Section 10 (Waste Management) states “The person responsible disposes of production wastewater in a manner that prevents contamination of packaging materials, product, water sources, compost and other by-products”. Section 7 (Agricultural Water) states that operations have to assess agricultural water and determine if it could be a source of contamination. Production wastewater could be a source of pathogens or chemical contamination (especially if the water is being chlorinated). An operation would have to show somehow that it is not a source of either of these, which would most likely mean testing.

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