CanadaGAP policies2017-11-14T15:56:56-04:00
If an operation from outside of Canada is enrolling in the CanadaGAP program, is the annual program fee the same? Must the fee be paid in Canadian dollars?2017-11-03T16:26:12-04:00

The annual program fee can be paid in U.S. dollars (USD), and the USD fee is adjusted to reflect the difference in value between Canadian and U.S. currencies. The annual program fees payable in USD can be found on the ‘costs’ page. Operations wishing to pay the annual program fee in USD are required to use the enrolment form specific to U.S. funds.

What is the program’s refund/cancellation policy?2017-11-03T16:26:13-04:00

Participants can voluntarily withdraw from the Program without cause. The authorized contact person must inform CanadaGAP directly in writing of any change in status (e.g., failed audit, withdrawal, delay in certification, crop failure, etc.). Refunds or credits must be requested in writing.

  • Refunds: Should the operation withdraw from the program (e.g., after a failed audit), upon request the Annual Program Fee is refundable to the authorized contact less a $100 processing fee. Please note in that case, membership in the corporation that operates the CanadaGAP Program (CanAgPlus) will be revoked effective immediately. That is, an operation will not be considered a CanAgPlus member in good standing and will forfeit all member rights (including the right to participate and vote in the annual general meeting, elect directors, etc.).
  • Credits: Alternatively, should an operation decide to postpone certification (e.g., after a crop failure), upon request the Annual Program Fee can be applied as a credit against the following year. Please note in that case, membership in the corporation that operates the CanadaGAP Program (CanAgPlus) will be suspended for the current year and will resume in the subsequent year. That is, for the current year, the operation will forfeit member rights to participate and vote in the CanAgPlus annual general meeting, elect directors, and other such rights and duties of members. Full membership status will be restored the following year, when the Annual Program Fee is applied.
  • The CHC Charge of $50 collected annually by CanadaGAP for the Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC) cannot be refunded or applied as a credit under any circumstances. For those enrolled in option A1, A2, A3, B or C, the charge is due annually for the duration of operation’s enrolment in CanadaGAP, regardless of certification status.

Operations should keep CanadaGAP informed of their status, by contacting the CanadaGAP office.