Please note that there are two corrections to Version 9.0 of the CanadaGAP Food Safety Manuals. As was previously communicated, the manuals will not be reissued for 2022; instead Version 9.0 is being updated with these two corrections. Operations can continue to use Version 9.0 with the changes outlined below. These changes may not apply to all operations; read the information below carefully to determine if your manual needs to be changed.

Updated copies of the Food Safety manuals, as well as updated supplementary material, are available on the CanadaGAP website at

Correction # 1:

The first set of changes apply only to repacking, wholesaling and brokerage of fiddleheads and appear only in the Fruit and Vegetable Manual.

Repackers, wholesalers and brokers of fiddleheads now have new requirements for sourced product in Section 19.1 Selecting/Purchasing and Receiving Harvested/Market Product. These requirements are the same as those for cucumbers and peppers sent for pickling. Section 19.1 states:

  • The person responsible selects/purchases harvested/market product from suppliers with a credible food safety program (e.g., suppliers that have received second party food safety audits, suppliers that have conducted thorough internal audits)

To align with this change, there is also a new requirement in Section 17.2 Use of Packaging materials for market ready primary packaging materials. Operations repacking fiddleheads now have to meet the following requirement.

Section 17.2 states:

Correction #2:

The second set of changes occur in Forms C and D for both the Fruit and Vegetable and Greenhouse Manuals. In summary, the main changes in Forms C and D are as follows:

  • Aprons are no longer mandatory in any situation. If an operation does choose to use aprons, they can be made of any appropriate material (e.g., rubber, plastic, vinyl, etc.)
  • Coated cloth gloves can now be used in many situations, provided some requirements are met (they must be laundered daily, they are changed after any contact that could potentially contaminate the product, and they cannot get wet [Form D only]).
  • Canvas/leather gloves can now be used for harvested pumpkins and squash, in addition to potatoes and bulb and root vegetables.

Details of these changes are included below:

Please contact with any questions.

February 9th, 2022 at 03:26 pm