Effective immediately, dicentra will no longer be offering CanadaGAP audits moving forward.

We advise program participants currently using dicentra for their CanadaGAP certification to transfer to a new certification body as soon as possible.

 There are currently five other choices for CanadaGAP certification bodies:

·        BNQ Tel: 1-800-386-5114 www.bnq.qc.ca
·        Control Union Tel: 1-604-988-8484 peru.controlunion.com/en/certification-programs/canadagap
·        MSVS Tel: 1-778-683-5044 www.msvs.ca
·        NSF Canada Ag  Tel: 1-866-834-2516 www.nsfcanada.ca
·        TSLC Tel: 1-519-318-8314 tslccanada.ca

Certificates issued by dicentra will remain valid until the stated expiry or until the operation has a new certificate issued by their new certification body following a successful audit (whichever is sooner). This is conditional on certified operations continuing to comply with CanadaGAP program requirements.

dicentra clients should transfer to a new certification body sooner than later, using the Change of Status Form.

  • Answer question 4 to indicate your choice of a new certification body.
  • Send the signed form to the CanadaGAP office by mail, email to info@canadagap.ca or fax to 613-829-9379.
  • Send the form to us ASAP even if your certificate expiry is months away.
  • CanadaGAP will inform your new certification body of the transfer.
  • Your new certification body will contact you to review the scope of your operation and to confirm the timing of your next audit or self-assessment review.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact the certification bodies listed above, or the CanadaGAP office at info@canadagap.ca or 613-829-4711.

February 12th, 2024 at 02:32 pm