If the Certification Body decides that the demonstration of the corrective action/corrective action plan can only be confirmed by a future site visit, they will coordinate that with the operation. When this is required, the operation is responsible for costs (i.e., auditor time and travel). Please note that operations will not become certified until the corrective actions/corrective action plans can be completed. If the Certification Body has to come back for a site visit and the season is over, they will have to schedule for the next season, and certification will not be possible until that time.  Operations should take this into consideration when they are scheduling their audit, particularly when they are starting out on the program and are uncertain whether their operation meets the standard.

Regardless of whether an on-site visit is required, the operation is responsible to pay the Certification Body fees for follow-up on corrective actions/corrective action plans. Charges also apply to desk review of evidence (documents, photographs, etc.) even when a return visit to the site is unnecessary. Operations should check the rates in their contract with the Certification Body.

April 20th, 2021 at 02:32 pm