A dedicated webpage providing information on how COVID-19 may affect CanadaGAP audits and certified operations is available at www.canadagap.ca

The webpage is being updated regularly with new information to help answer your questions about the impact of the coronavirus on your food safety program. We are adding new links as more information becomes available, such as:

  • How COVID-19 is spread – it is not transmissible through food or food packaging materials
  • Information you need to know about CanadaGAP audits and certificates
  • World Health Organization (WHO) guidance if an operation needs to make hand sanitizer

Questions about upcoming audit scheduling should be directed to your certification body. Note that certification bodies are postponing audits planned between now and early April, and will contact the affected operations directly regarding certificate extensions and rescheduling of audits.

We encourage you to consult our COVID-19 webpage for answers to your questions, and to direct any further concerns to info@canadagap.ca. As things keep evolving, CanadaGAP will continue to keep you updated on our website: www.canadagap.ca

March 23rd, 2020 at 06:55 am