Please note that changes have been made to the CanadaGAP Fruit and Vegetable Food Safety Manual Version 9.0 (2021). These changes only apply to cucumbers and peppers sent for pickling. Operations not involved in this scope are NOT affected by this correction notice.

The changes relate to the requirements surrounding sourced product in Section 19.1 Selecting/Purchasing and Receiving Harvested/Market Product. Cucumbers and peppers sent for pickling (that are processed with a kill step) now have different requirements regarding sourced product.

There are two new requirements in Section 19.1 that state:


  • The person responsible selects/purchases harvested product from operations with a credible food safety program (e.g., operations that have received second party food safety audits, operations that have conducted thorough internal audits)
  • The person responsible receives only the harvested product that was selected/purchased along with written evidence (e.g., audit report) from the audited operation (File under Tab: Other)

The following two requirements no longer apply to cucumbers and peppers sent for pickling:

1. The person responsible selects/purchases harvested/market product from operations that have successfully completed one of the options below and requests a copy of a current/valid certificate:

  • CanadaGAP
  • Other industry recognized third party food safety audit/certification

2. The person responsible receives only the harvested/market product that was selected/purchased along with the certificate (one certificate per season per supplier) (File under Tab: Letters of Assurance/Certificates)

Updated copies of the Fruit and Vegetable are now available on the website at

The CanadaGAP audit checklist on the website has also been updated to reflect these changes. Question P1 on the audit checklist has been changed as follows (see red text below):

The new requirement applicable ONLY to cucumbers and peppers sent for pickling is now an autofail. This is indicated by the yellow highlighting. The new autofail also appears on the “Automatic Failure Items” page found at the beginning of the audit checklist (page 6).

Please contact with any questions.

July 30th, 2021 at 06:13 pm