Generally speaking, CanadaGAP requires at least 3 months of records prior to the date of the initial audit. However, there are some cases where having 3 months of records can be difficult (i.e., due to a very short season). The Certification Bodies are aware that this is the case for some operations, and normally allow some flexibility in managing this. Depending on the crop, there is a possibility that even though a season is less than 3 months, there may be records/forms from the period of time leading up to the harvest (e.g., records for agricultural inputs, personal hygiene and washroom maintenance and checking, equipment cleaning, etc.) that the operation could use to demonstrate their adherence to food safety requirements.

If an operation is looking for specific guidance on their situation, they can contact the Certification Body and explain the situation. Their Certification Body would be able to determine the amount of records needed to perform the audit for that particular scope.

November 3rd, 2017 at 04:25 pm