It depends on the option for hand washing that the operation has chosen. There are three options available:

 1) hot and/or cold running potable water (with a receptacle to collect wastewater), soap and disposable paper towels


 2) water (with a receptacle to collect wastewater), disposable paper towel to dry hands and hand sanitizer


 3) hand wipes and hand sanitizer.

If option 1) is chosen then the water is required to be potable and this potability must be confirmed.  Section 11.1 of the manual states that hand washing water stored in permanent tanks (e.g., within portable washrooms or as standalone facilities) is NOT considered potable UNLESS:

“- the water is tested each time the tank is filled to confirm potability, OR
– the water is treated and tested to confirm potability is being maintained with treatment as per procedures in Section 15.3 Treatment, OR
– the cleanliness of the tank is maintained, filling procedures are followed and the water is tested to confirm potability as per procedures in Section 15.2″

If option 2 is chosen, then the water is not required to be potable; therefore, a test is unnecessary BUT they would need hand sanitizer to go with the water and paper towels.

If option 3 is chosen, water testing is not necessary as water is not used.

March 31st, 2020 at 06:59 pm