CanadaGAP does not provide technical consulting services to individual operations.

CanadaGAP does not recommend specific consultants. There are many who offer services across the country, and we are not familiar with the quality of their work.

We suggest you try the following to locate a suitable expert:

  • Do an Internet search for “food safety consultant” or “CanadaGAP consultant” to find someone in your local area who offers help with food safety program implementation
  • Ask your provincial or regional trade association (e.g., producers’ association)
  • Contact your provincial or territorial government contacts/services. Some offer technical services directly, or they may publish a list of experts in your area (e.g., technical advisors, qualified agronomists, consultants, etc.).
  • Reach out to your certification body. Some CanadaGAP certification bodies have consulting arms of their business, staffed by experts who offer implementation assistance, pre-audits, etc.
  • Seek recommendations from other producers who have used consultants.

It is advisable to ask potential consultants for references, and to check those references. Some service providers claim to have expertise but may not necessarily be qualified.

November 20th, 2018 at 01:16 pm