Cleaning and maintenance materials are defined in the CanadaGAP manual as the following:

Cleaning materials: Products and/or tools used to clean, sanitize or disinfect (e.g., cleaning agents, water treatment chemicals, sanitizers, brushes, scrubbers, brooms, mops, scrub pads, pressure washers, squeegees, cloths/rags, dust pans, pails, shovels, etc.).

Maintenance materials: Products used on, or to repair, equipment and buildings (e.g., light bulbs, lubricants, oils, fuels, paints).

It is important to remember that ALL tools used for these purposes are considered cleaning and maintenance materials and NOT production site or building equipment. The requirements for cleaning and maintenance materials are found in Section 9 of the food safety manual.

April 28th, 2023 at 02:24 pm