If operations are unsuccessful in implementing corrective actions to pass the audit:

  • If there is time left in the season, they can undertake another audit to achieve certification.
  • They can maintain their enrolment and have their annual program fee applied to next season, when they will re-attempt certification. The CanadaGAP office must be informed in writing of their plans to ensure that the annual program fee is properly applied.
  • They can withdraw officially from the program, and if desired, enrol again the next year and re-attempt certification. CanadaGAP must be informed in writing so that the annual program fee for the current year can be refunded, minus an administrative charge of $100, or applied as a credit against a future year. The audit fees (auditor’s time and travel) for the failed audit are not refundable.

November 3rd, 2017 at 04:26 pm