Corrective Action Requests (CARs) must be closed out within 60 days of receiving the audit report. This 60-day closeout period includes the time the Certification Body/Auditor needs to review the corrective actions and/or the corrective actions plan.

If an operation is unsuccessful in implementing corrective actions within the allotted timeframe:

For Options A1 and A2:

If operations are unsuccessful in implementing corrective actions to pass the audit:

  • If there is time left in the season, the operation can undertake another audit to achieve certification.
  • In exceptional cases, they can discuss with their certification body whether an extension to the CAR closeout timeframe is possible (e.g., if major capital improvements are needed). Any such extensions are at the discretion of the certification body.
  • They can maintain their enrolment and have their annual program fee applied to next season, when they will re-attempt certification. The CanadaGAP office must be informed in writing of their plans to ensure that the annual program fee is properly applied.
  • They can withdraw officially from the program, and if desired, enrol again the next year and re-attempt certification. CanadaGAP must be informed in writing so that the annual program fee for the current year can be refunded, minus an administrative charge of $100, or applied as a credit against a future year. The audit fees (auditor’s time and travel) for the failed audit are not refundable.

For Options C, D, E and F:

As an alternative to one of the actions listed above, if operations are unable to implement corrective actions to pass the audit before the end of their season/year:

  • They may be able to develop a corrective actions plan and submit it to the certification body within the 60-day timeframe to close out the CARs. The certification body must approve the corrective actions plan. At the next audit the auditor will confirm that the plan was implemented and the approved corrective actions were taken.

February 10th, 2022 at 10:32 am