Microgreens, sprouts, and baby leafy greens are NOT the same.

  • Microgreens vs. sprouts: Microgreens are larger than sprouts. Unlike sprouts, the seed portion of microgreens is not consumed. Microgreens are cut at harvest, and the seed portion of the plant gets left behind in the growing medium.
  • Microgreens vs. baby leafy greens: Microgreens have more stem than leaf, whereas baby leafy greens are predominantly leafy and typically have more leaf than stem. They may be marketed as “baby salad greens” or “mixed baby greens”. Below are some examples of baby leafy greens and microgreens to help distinguish the two.

The images on the left are of baby leafy greens, and the images on the right are of microgreens.

As of January 1, 2020, operations involved in production, packing or storage of microgreens are no longer able to obtain certification through the CanadaGAP Program. CanadaGAP has determined that, given the potential risks of contamination with the production and handling of microgreens, a site-specific HACCP Plan is the best approach for managing food safety risks associated with these products.

Sprout production requires site-specific HACCP and is not eligible for certification under CanadaGAP.

Baby leafy green operations may continue to seek CanadaGAP certification.

March 28th, 2023 at 10:29 am