The score to pass the audit will depend on your certification option. Generally, if you fail the audit, you will still have an opportunity to achieve certification through the corrective action process.

  • For Options B, C, and D (repacking and wholesaling): You must comply 100% with the CanadaGAP audit checklist to pass the audit. Items that receive less than full points must be addressed through corrective actions, or if corrective actions are not possible in the current year, you must submit a corrective actions plan for approval by the Certification Body.
  • For Options A1, A2, D (brokerage): A score of 85% with no autofail items is required to pass the audit. You must always correct all autofail items first. Those scoring below 85% must implement corrective actions to obtain a passing score of 85%.

April 19th, 2021 at 04:11 pm