The auditee would be scored in Question P2 of the CanadaGAP audit checklist. If ANY certificate is missing for any service(s) being outsourced, the most the operation can receive during an audit is 5/10 for this question. The auditee must have a valid food safety certificate/third party report from ALL outside service providers for EACH service provided.

In addition, if the auditee does not have a certificate from an outside service provider performing an activity, then the Certification Body must be informed after the audit, and the relevant activity will be excluded from the operation’s certificate. An operation that is using the services of an uncertified/unaudited service provider will have a certificate that states that the outsourced activity is excluded from the scope of certification.

If operations in Options A1 or A2 indicate during the completion of their self-declaration and self-assessment checklist that they are not meeting the requirements for outside service providers, the Certification Body will be informed, and that activity will be excluded from the scope of their certificate.

March 23rd, 2018 at 03:09 pm