Timing of the audit depends on what option the operation is enrolled in.

For Option B or C (both GFSI-recognized):

For operations involved in both Production and Packing – audits must cover both scopes each year. As a result, it may be necessary for the certification body to complete more than one audit to observe activities related to both scopes each year.  Insofar as possible, certification bodies will time audits for multi-activity operations so that the auditor can see activities for both scopes (Production AND Packing) in a single audit.

If two audits are needed in a single year/season, both audits must cover or pertain to product from the same crop year/season. See the following communique for more details about audit scheduling for complex Option B and C operations.

For Option A1, A2, or E:

If the program participant has requested certification for both production and packing, the audit is optimally scheduled when harvesting AND packing are occurring.  However, an audit scheduled during ONLY harvesting or packing may be acceptable if necessary. If that is the case, then in subsequent years the audit will be scheduled to occur when both activities can be seen or when the activity that wasn’t seen previously is occurring.

Additional guidance for certification bodies is outlined in the Management Manual. To access the Management Manual click here.

More specific FAQs about audit timing of complex operations can be found on the following page.

March 29th, 2023 at 03:52 pm